Fine Art Production

Options for Materials

Many of the Maps include these Options

- Premium Heavy Weight Photo Satin Paper

Photo Satin Paper (Ultra Smooth Surface and enhanced to illustrate a wide color depth) - Perfect for visualizing the depth complexities in the oceans - for maps with blue or darker ocean colors. This has a smooth modern look.

- Premium Canvas

Canvas - adds texture to the surface. The canvas is tight-weaved and has a protective coating. This surface may be best suited when you would like a tradition vintage look of canvas.

- Cotton Rag Paper

 Cotton Rag Paper- Rag paper is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp-based paper, and also absorbs ink or toner better.

Size Options:

Our maps come in a various sizes,  


Small 18x24 in Medium 22x30 in Large 44x60 in

Small 20x24 in Medium 23x30 in Large 46x60 in

Small 20x24 in Medium 24x30 in Large 48x60 in

Small 20x24 in Medium 25x30 in Large 50x60 in

Small 22x24 in Medium 26x30 in Large 52x60 in

Small 24x30 in Medium 26x30 in Large 52x60 in



Small  24x15 in Medium 30x18 in Large 60x36 in

Small  24x16 in Medium 30x19 in Large 60x38 in

Small  24x16 in Medium 30x20 in Large 60x40 in

Small  24x17 in Medium 30x21 in Large 60x42 in

Small  24x18 in Medium 30x21 in Large 60x42 in

Small  24x18 in Medium 30x22 in Large 60x45 in

Small  24x18 in Medium 30x22 in Large 60x44 in

Small  24x20 in Medium 30x24 in Large 60x48 in

Small  24x20 in Medium 30x25 in Large 60x50 in

Small  24x22 in Medium 30x26 in Large 60x52 in