Ortelius World Map

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Ortelius World Map

This Ortelius World Map is a masterpiece of cartography and a true work of art. This impressive map is a faithful reproduction of Abraham Ortelius' original world map from 1570, widely regarded as one of the most important maps in the history of cartography.

The Ortelius World Map is a testament to the artistry and skill of its creator, Abraham Ortelius, who meticulously compiled the latest geographic knowledge and combined it with his own artistic flair to create a map that was not only functional but also beautiful. The map features a wealth of information about the world as it was known in the 16th century, including detailed coastlines, major rivers, and mountain ranges.

This map is unframed, sold as an art print. Frames are shown for illustration ONLY.

Great Gift For:

Interior Designers, Teachers, History Buffs, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Friends, Family, and many more!

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Every map is custom printed. We have NO inventory. When we receive your order is when we produce your print on one of our two paper options, Linen and Photo-Satin Paper.

Linen: description

Photo Satin Paper: An ultra-smooth surface and enhanced to illustrate a wide color depth.


This antique map has been beautifully restored. We fixed: discoloration from smudging and aging. We adjusted the clarity of the map by making the labels easier to read and by removing the creases on the map. Finally, we straightened the image so it would fit well inside of a frame.